How We Administer Your Plan:

EIP provides a complete package of administrative services, including amendments, operational compliance, and preparation of all required government reports.

Once the plan has been adopted, EIP will perform all of the necessary annual administrative services required to keep your plan running smoothly. As your business objectives or demographics change over time, so must your plan. We are always on hand to add, delete or modify provisions.

Annually, EIP Provides:

Eligibility Determination

Minimum Age, Months of Employment, and Hours Per Year, Break in Service, Re-employed Participants, Union Employees, Highly Compensated Employees, Key Employees, Combined Plan Limits, Disregarded Years

Contribution Calculation

Annual Addition Limitations, Integration Compliance, Minimum Funding Requirements, Allocation of Contributions, Allocation of Forfeitures, Accrual of Benefit, Alternate and Ideal Contribution Calculations, Employer Deductibility Testing, Compensation Limits

Top Heavy Determination

Minimum Vesting, Minimum Benefits

Non-Discrimination Testing

Non-discriminatory Allocation of Contributions

Vesting Credits

Included Years of Service, Required Hours, Break in Service, Rehires, Normal Retirement Age, Disability or Death, Cash-out Distributions, Forfeitures

Minimum Coverage Tests

Percentage Test, Classification Test, Ratio Test, Average Benefits Test

Minimum Participation Testing

Percentage Test, Number of Employees Test


Employee Notices, W-4P, Notice to Recipients, Notice of Accrued Benefits, 1099-R Filings, Hardship Distributions, Distribution Directions

Payment of Benefits

Lump Sum Calculations, J & S Annuity Options, Pre-Retirement Annuity Options, QDRO Distributions, Waiver Elections, Benefit Payment Elections

401(k) Testing

ADP Test, ACP Test, Safe Harbor Formulas, Elective Deferral Limitation, Distribution of Excess Contributions, Aggregation of Plans

Government Reports

IRS Form 5500 Filings, Department of Labor and PBGC Reports

Document Compliance

Monitor Adoption Agreement and Trust Documents, Required Amendments

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